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How It Works
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microLEAP Loan

Issuers (Borrowers), are small businesses that require funding from as little as RM1,000 to RM50,000. Issuers would issue an Investment Note that specifies the tenor, amount, interest rate and other important details, such as type of business and amount requested.


Approval Process

You would need to apply via microLEAP’s website on your PC, laptop or mobile phone. Relevant information will need to be keyed-in to the relevant fields. This will assist us in completing our Know Your Customer (KYC) enquiries. We then need to carry out the required checks to derive a Credit Risk Score. This will ensure that our P2P Investors recognise the risks associated with each Issuer.

We Help You

Raise Your Funds

Once the Credit Risk Scoring is complete, Issuers are placed in the Funding List. P2P Investors may then choose any Issuer in the Funding List and lend directly to that Issuer up to the amount requested, within a specified period. Should a minimum of 80% of funding be reached at the end of the period, Issuers may drawdown their loan to their bank account and use it for their working capital needs. microLEAP’s fees are deducted before the loan is disbursed to the Issuer.


Loan Repayment

Issuers will be required to arrange the repayments of principal and interest on a monthly basis to microLEAP. Issuers may set-up ‘Direct-Debit’ to ensure repayments are not missed. 

You can repay your loan early for free and only pay interest for the time you borrow.

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