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Shariah Advisor

Masryef Management House

Shariah Advisor

Our Shariah Advisor, Masryef Management House (Masryef), is an Islamic Finance management company specialising in three core functions of Islamic Banking, Finance, and Asset Management. Masryef engages mainly in Shariah Advisory services, providing cutting-edge industry-based knowledge enrichment and training programs, as well as conducting an independent review of procedures, manuals, and processes to ensure Shariah Governance and compliance. With our assistance, individuals and business professionals attain a deep level of financial advisories and to move forward with confidence. Additionally, Masryef is a licensed Shariah-compliant investment management under the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and is also on the Shariah panel of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Masryef creates value to its clients by combining years of real and best industry practices with sound Shariah knowledge backed by renowned in house scholars in their approach to problem-solving.

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