Welcome to microLEAP. Would you like to Raise Funds or Become a P2P Investor?

Traditional barriers to investing, for example, high minimum investments amounts and expensive financial advisors, are a major deterrent for many of investors that have limited income and assets.

To increase financial inclusion in terms of access to investments, we have partnered with HelloGold to offer microLEAP customers the ability to invest in gold with very low barriers to entry.

With the HelloGold app, investors are able to buy 99.99% investment grade gold from as little as RM1.00! You may also sell it back to HelloGold or have your gold physically delivered direct to your doorstep. The gold is fully insured and to top it off, the investment is fully shariah compliant as well.

All you have to do is to get the HelloGold app from Google Play or download it from the App Store to start your microinvesting journey.

New microLEAP customers are given a promo code that credits RM5.00 into your HelloGold account so that you may invest straight away

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