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League of Extraordinary Investors

Welcome to the microLEAP League of Extraordinary Investors!

By investing in any of our Investment Notes, you automatically join our League and you earn points as you rise through the ranks of Rookie, Apprentice, Champion and Sifu.

Monthly cash prizes are up for grabs for the top 3 investors of that particular month and there will also be Annual Grand Prize winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the end of the year.

Competition Rules:

  1. This is only open to Individual investors, not Corporate investors
  2. Staff and Partners of MICROLEAP PLT are not eligible
  3. If there are joint-placed winners with the same number of points, then whoever reaches the points first for that month (or year if tied for our Annual Prize) will be placed higher. E.g. If 2 Investors are tied on points for 1st place at 50 points, then whoever reaches 50 points first for that month / year will be placed 1st.
  4. Cash prizes are in the form of credit to invest on our platform only

Please see further information below –


As you earn points, you rise up the ranking tiers of the League, starting from Rookie, to Apprentice, to Champion until finally you are able to call yourself Sifu, master of all Extraordinary Investors. You will be working on possible cash and lower fees as you go up each ranking.

Ranking Tiers

Rookie (1 – 49 points)
Apprentice (50 – 299 points: RM10 for 1st 50 achievers)
Champion (300 – 499 points: Investor (Arrangement) Fees reduced to 1.5%)
Sifu (500+ points: Investor (Arrangement) Fees reduced to 1%)


Points System

Points are earned as soon as you invest (pledge) into an investment note. If you retract your investment (you have 24 hours to do so) or an Issuer fails to raise the minimum amount (80% of requested amount) and your funds are returned, then your points are forfeited.

After drawdown, in the event that the Issuer repays early or structuring occurs, then points are unaffected.

Points are earned based on incentives for tenor, diversification and total investment. Please see below for how points are allocated –


There will be cash prizes for our Monthly winners who have earned the most points for the month. There will also be cash prizes for our Annual Grand Prize winners for those who have earned the most points for the year.

  • Cash prizes come in the form of credit, in your Available Balance, which you can use to invest on our platform
  • Cash prizes may not be immediately withdrawn and have to be invested first 
  • Though points are reset each month & year, points won’t expire as they are required to calculate your ‘Ranking’

Please see below for further information on the cash prizes on offer –

Monthly Winners

RM 100
RM 50
RM 20

Annual Grand Prize Winners

RM 500
RM 300
RM 100
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