Welcome to microLEAP. Would you like to Raise Funds or Become An Investor?
Why Invest ?

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending in Malaysia is an alternative, yet regulated, investment tool. From as little as RM50, microLEAP allows P2P Investors access to debt instruments providing returns and monthly payments.

Should you change your mind, you have 24 hours to retract your investment by simply clicking “Retract Investment” in your profile page.

P2P Investors may invest in Investment Notes issued by our Issuers on microLEAP’s platform. These Issuers will be made up of micro-enterprises that have been credit screened by microLEAP’s proprietary credit engine.

By investing in the microfinance sector, P2P Investors are providing vital funds for small businesses in the M40 and B40 group to expand. It also provides assistance to a group of people who may find it difficult to access the traditional banking system, and in doing so it brings about a positive social impact.

microLEAP P2P Investor

You will only require a PC, laptop or mobile phone to apply to become a P2P Investor on microLEAP. You may take a picture or scan your identification documents and upload it onto our platform. Once you pass our compliance checks, you are approved and you are all set to go.


Available Balance

Once you top-up your available balance via our payment gateway, from as little as RM50, you may invest into an Investment Note issued by the Issuer. For an amount that you want to invest, we highly recommend that you diversify your risk by investing in as many Notes as possible in order to spread the risk of default. This means small investments into many Notes. This diversification ensures that the exposure on any one particular Note is drastically reduced.

Should you change your mind, you have 24 hours to retract your investment by simply clicking "Retract Investment" in your profile page.


Selection of Issuers

To find out which Issuers are looking for funding, simply go to our Funding List. The industry, amount required, credit risk rating, interest rate and other important details are available for all investors to see in order for you to make an informed decision. Issuers may be found using our search function or Issuers may be sorted by date, amount requested and other criteria to help you choose the right Issuer.

If you would prefer our Auto Invest function, then simply amend your requirements along our pre-set criteria and microLEAP will auto invest your funds for you as soon as the correct Investment Note comes along. Please go to our Auto Invest page for more information.


Loan Repayment

Principal and Interest is repaid from the Issuers back to your available balance on a monthly basis. Any repayments in the available balance may be immediately reinvested into new Investment Notes should the need arise.