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RM 350,000 for 6 month term. RM 350,000 funded

100 % Funded

Is this a Shariah-compliant Investment Note? / Adakah ianya Nota Pelaburan patuh Syariah?

Yes/ Ya

What is the Payment Type? / Apakah Jenis Pembayaran?

This is our short-term Shariah-compliant microLEAP+ product with an Invoice (Purchase Order) Financing of RM350,000 and high profit rate of 1.5% a month (equivalent to 18% p.a) offered on our platform.

This Investment Note payment is based on Balloon Payment method where the Issuer will make monthly Profit-only payments for the preceding months followed by a Principal + Profit payment on the final payment date. The tenor is 6 months. Please refer to the explanation below on the repayment structure for the Issuer.
Financing Amount : RM350,000
Profit Rate : 1.5% per month (equivalent to 18% p.a)
Investment Tenor : 6 months
Payment Method : Balloon Payment

Payment Schedule :
Month 1 – RM5,250 (Profit only)
Month 2 – RM5,250 (Profit only)
Month 3 – RM5,250 (Profit only)
Month 4 – RM5,250 (Profit only)
Month 5 – RM5,250 (Profit only)
Month 6 – RM355,250 (Principal + Profit)

The Issuer has the option to fully settle the financing early.
Ini adalah produk microLEAP + patuh Syariah jangka pendek kami dengan Pembiayaan Invois (Pesanan Pembelian) sebanyak RM350,000 dan kadar keuntungan tinggi 1.5% sebulan (bersamaan dengan 18% p.a) yang ditawarkan di platform kami.

Ingin dimaklumkan kepada semua Pelabur bahawa pembayaran Nota Pelaburan ini adalah berdasarkan kaedah Pembayaran Belon di mana Penerbit akan membuat pembayaran Untung bulanan sahaja dan diikuti dengan pembayaran Prinsipal + Keuntungan pada tarikh pembayaran akhir. Tempoh pembiayaan adalah selama 6 bulan. Sila rujuk penjelasan di bawah mengenai struktur pembayaran balik dari Penerbit.
Jumlah Pembiayaan : RM350,000
Kadar Keuntungan : 1.5% sebulan (bersamaan 18% setahun)
Tenor Pelaburan : 6 bulan
Kaedah Pembayaran : Pembayaran Belon
Jadual Pembayaran Balik :
Bulan 1 – RM5,250 (Keuntungan sahaja)
Bulan 2 – RM5,250 (Keuntungan sahaja)
Bulan 3 – RM5,250 (Keuntungan sahaja)
Bulan 4 – RM5,250 (Keuntungan sahaja)
Bulan 5 – RM5,250 ((Keuntungan sahaja)
Bulan 6 – RM355,250 (Prinsipal + Keuntungan)

Penerbit mempunyai pilihan untuk menyelesaikan pembiayaan lebih awal.

Who is the Issuer and what does the business do? / Siapakah Penerbit dan apakah perniagaan diceburi mereka?

Based in Petaling Jaya, our Company started in the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) industry with exports of nitrile gloves to USA and Europe and we are licensed by Lembaga Getah Malaysia. We have since expanded to other PPE such as face shields, masks and coveralls. Over the past year we have expanded our presence to Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Africa and Japan.

In 2021 , with the expansion of our product range, we have seen our Clientele grow and our sales base increase. This evident in our new Purchase Order from Korea , which has potential to be a 12 month contract.

Berpusat di Petaling Jaya, SAP Traders Sdn.Bhd memulakan perniagaan di dalam industri Peralatan Perlindungan Peribadi (PPE) dengan mengeksport sarung tangan nitrile ke Amerika Syarikat dan Eropah setelah diberikan perlesenan oleh Lembaga Getah Malaysia. Sejak masa itu, perniagaan syarikat kami telahpun berkembang ke pengedaran barang-barang PPE lain seperti pelindung muka, topeng dan penutup badan jenis medical. Sepanjang tahun 2021, kami berjaya meluaskan kehadiran syarikat kami ke Hong Kong, Korea Selatan, Sri Lanka, Afrika dan Jepun.

Pada tahun ini, dengan penambahan produk jualan yang semakin luas - kami telah menyaksikan penambahan pelanggan yang amat memuaskan. Ini dapat dilihat pada P.O. yang terkini dari Korea Selatan, yang mempunyai potensi untuk dilanjutkan selama 12 bulan.

Who is the owner / key person(s) in the business? / Siapakah Pemilik Perniagaan ini?

After 20 years in event management, the Issuer saw an opportunity in the COVID-19 pandemic to expand into PPE with the first shipment of gloves in June 2020 to Los Angeles, USA. To date, 26 shipments of gloves and PPE have taken place in the last 15 months. With a never-say-die attitude and with their finger on the pulse of market demands, small windows of opportunity are capitalised and turned into successes.


Setelah 20 tahun dalam pengurusan acara, Penerbit melihat peluang dalam pandemik COVID-19 untuk berkembang menjadi PPE dengan penghantaran sarung tangan pertama pada bulan Jun 2020 ke Los Angeles, Amerika Syarikat. Kini, 26 penghantaran sarung tangan dan PPE telah berlaku dalam 15 bulan terakhir. Dengan tidak pernah putus asa, dan dengan nadi permintaan pasaran, peluang kecil dimodalkan dan berubah menjadi kejayaan.

What are their future plans? / Apakah pelan masa depan mereka?

Within the next 3 years, the Company sees itself as a one-stop center for PPE, specialising in nitrile/ latex/ vinyl gloves.

Dalam jangka masa 3 tahun ke depan, Syarikat melihat dirinya sebagai pusat sehenti untuk barang-barang PPE, dengan pengkhususan pada sarung tangan nitril / lateks / vinil.

What has been their annual sales turnover? / Bagaimanakah hasil jualan tahunan?

In 2020, the Company generated RM15 million in glove sales.

In 2021 , with the expansion of our PPE offerings, we have achieved a gross increase of between RM 50,000.00 and RM 80,000.00 a month starting in July 2021. August alone has seen a revenue of RM 75,000.00 for the first half of the month.

Pada tahun 2020, Syarikat menghasilkan penjualan sarung tangan sebanyak RM15 juta.

Pada tahun 2021 setakat ini, dengan kemasukan barangan jualan PPE, kami sedang melihat peningkatan pencapaian di antara RM50,000 - RM80,000 sebulan. Setakat bulan Ogos 2021, kami telah mencapai jumlah jualan sebanyak RM75,000.

Number of years in business? / Usia perniagaan?

The company has been operating for 21 years, of which we have pivoted to PPE over the last year and a half and continue to do so with stronger focus on this business.

Syarikat ini telah beroperasi selama 21 tahun, di mana kami telah beralih ke PPE sejak tahun lalu dan terus melakukannya dengan fokus yang lebih kuat pada perniagaan ini.

How would the Issuer utilize the funds raised on the platform? / Apakah yang kami akan lakukan dengan wang yang dikumpul di platform ini?

Funds raised will be utilised for working capital, i.e. to purchase stocks, business development, marketing and to provide us with a cost advantage thru pre-ordered stocks.

Dana yang dikumpulkan akan digunakan untuk modal kerja, yaitu untuk membeli stok, pengembangan perniagaan, pemasaran dan untuk memberi kita kelebihan biaya melalui stok yang dipesan sebelumnya.

The rationale behind the Issuer's Credit Risk Score - microLEAP's Comments / Rasional Skor Risiko Kredit bagi Penerbit– Komen microLEAP

Please see Factsheet in the picture attached in this Investment Note for more information.
This is the fourth Investment Note host by Issuer. This Invoice Financing is for a Purchase Order whereby the offtaker is Moida Co., LTD who will pay for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) orders within 6 months. Invoices have been independently verified by microLEAP and the proceeds will be credited into an account that is controlled by microLEAP.
The Issuer i-score is rated as 7 (‘Good’) with a Probability of Default (PD) 2.5% - 5% as rated by Experian. The 1st Personal Guarantor also is rated 7 (‘Good’) with a PD of 2.5% - 5% and 2nd Personal Guarantor is rated with 5 (‘Fair’) with PD of 10% - 20%.
This Issuer has a Low Risk of Default, has a strong Credit Quality due to its good cash flow. The Issuer currently has a healthy revenue that more than covers the monthly repayments.
Sila lihat Lembaran Fakta pada gambar yang dilampirkan dalam Nota Pelaburan ini untuk maklumat lebih lanjut.
Ini merupakan Nota Pelaburan keempat oleh Penerbit. Pembiayaan ini adalah untuk Pembiayaan Invois (Pesanan Pembelian) di mana pembeli adalah Moida Co., LTD yang akan membayar pesanan Peralatan Perlindungan Peribadi (PPE) dalam masa 6 bulan. Invois telah disahkan secara bebas oleh microLEAP dan hasilnya akan dikreditkan ke dalam akaun yang dikendalikan oleh microLEAP.
i-skor Penerbit dinilai sebagai 7 (‘Good’) dengan Kebarangkalian Lalai (PD) 2.5% - 5% seperti yang dinilai oleh Experian. Penjamin Peribadi Pertama juga dinilai 7 (‘Good’) dengan PD 2.5% - 5% dan Penjamin Peribadi ke-2 dinilai dengan 5 (‘Fair’) dengan PD 10% - 20%.
Penerbit ini mempunyai Risiko Kelalaian yang rendah dan mempunyai Kualiti Kredit yang kuat kerana aliran tunai. Penerbit pada masa ini mempunyai pendapatan yang sihat yang melebihi pembayaran balik bulanan.

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Rate of Returns
(equivalent to 18% p.a)
Total Gross Return on Investment

Funded Note

Credit Ratings
Low Risk 3

This Investment Note pays a low Interest Rate and has a low Risk of Default.
It has a strong Credit Quality due to good cashflow and good Debt Service Ratio.

Low Risk 1

This Investment Note pays the lowest Interest Rate and has the lowest Risk of Default.
It has the strongest Credit Quality due to very high cashflow and very low Debt Service Ratio.

Low Risk 2

This Investment Note pays a lower Interest Rate and has a lower Risk of Default.
It has a stronger Credit Quality due to high cashflow and low Debt Service Ratio.

Low Risk 3

This Investment Note pays a low Interest Rate and has a low Risk of Default.
It has a strong Credit Quality due to good cashflow and good Debt Service Ratio.

Medium Risk 4

This Investment Note pays a medium-low Interest Rate and has a medium-low Risk of Default.
It has a medium-strong Credit Quality due to average to good cashflow and average to good Debt Service Ratio.

Medium Risk 5

This Investment Note pays a medium Interest Rate and has a medium Risk of Default.
It has a medium Credit Quality due to average cashflow and average Debt Service Ratio.

Medium Risk 6

This Investment Note pays a medium-high Interest Rate and has a medium-high Risk of Default.
It has a medium-weak Credit Quality due to below average cashflow and above average Debt Service Ratio.

Medium Risk 7

This Investment Note pays an upper-medium Interest Rate and has an upper-medium Risk of Default.
It has a lower-medium Credit Quality due to average to low cashflow and average to high Debt Service Ratio.

High Risk 8

This Investment Note pays a high Interest Rate and has a high Risk of Default.
It has a weak Credit Quality due to low cashflow and high Debt Service Ratio.

High Risk 9

This Investment Note pays a higher Interest Rate and has a higher Risk of Default.
It has a weaker Credit Quality due to lower cashflow and higher Debt Service Ratio.

High Risk 10

This Investment Note pays the highest Interest Rate and has the highest Risk of Default.
It has the weakest Credit Quality due to very low cashflow and very unhealthy Debt Service Ratio.

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