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SCxSC Fintech 2019 - microLEAP's booth and CEO as a panel speaker
22 – 23rd October 2019

The annual SCxSC Fintech conference, organised by the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia, was held recently at the SC Building. Many notable speakers were in attendance in various fields of remittance, cryptocurrency, P2P financing, ECF and many more.

We had a very successful booth where many Investors were signed-up and we were visited by the SC Chairman, ex-F1 driver Alex Yoong, ex-Minister of Sports Khairy Jamaluddin and other interested delegates at the event.

Our CEO was also a panellist at the P2P Financing sessions, where Tunku Danny fielded questions from the crowd on microLEAP and the market as a whole. https://www.facebook.com/microLEAPasia/posts/2619904861666206?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC2_Sqj1pEUMJiv8XoKXRfkqqqy0CzoUHJ3xbIgcveHjP-fErZIMjXHIbUs0FDIOvmAfUQ4pC3gG1lzLxroIVj_gu1Bb8IWYIWevcucX93fSzohlKdsZwYsDLfnHXUIlP2FrK3SWSkWx5k8rNVlisBMWTmhPSiPxFiHEHhfI1XPuAqto95Cn6TsRDoT-NDKVzsiuAvlYToyI3C4RNp7NDXzuBlfIDSIdLqjY-M0ZB-T5UDrfW3qwgVMJ_brGfybVhXqqqVfDhIOC0wD94AEJHQnUp0lAnVA44RI2fyVwzeRzvV-uFBecP--MdwO5Yk1WbUpfNx6iDpkdeVz9PYGZMqN3xK9IgcnplL3L_5EBWc3xt0udAgdbrpWqI4X8cFhTcN3l3WfQ0nsnN40V4wFG_UXUb-opkrcmWubf7k0xrNEh6v7hDKXt2BjS_YsrZ2Xre48RyA-zNON1qzYId9GNR3BscPKkiXPRhVAMsVz7Q8yuItpvPTlRwdbCmh95NQ4kBmWUA&__tn__=-R

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