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About Us

microLEAP is the first Shariah-Compliant and Conventional P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Fintech platform that focuses on the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, and strictly regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

P2P Financing is an alternative financing tool that allows Issuers (borrowers) to obtain financing from Investors (lenders) without having to go through a financial institution. Therefore, it is both an alternative financing product as well as an alternative investment product at the same time.

You can apply with microLEAP as an Investor or Issuer (Borrower):


From as little as RM50, you may Invest (lend) into small businesses to help them grow!

Why become a P2P Investor (lender)?

  1. Invest from as little as RM50
  2. Invest in Shariah-Compliant Investment Notes.
  3. Enjoy monthly returns of up to 18% p.a.
  4. Issuers covered by Personal Accident Insurance.
  5. All Notes have a Guarantor.

League of Extraordinary Investors

To further enhance the P2P Investors’ experience, we launched the League of Extraordinary Investors, whereby Investors may gain points depending on the amount, tenor and number of Investment Notes they invest in. Points will lead to lower fees as you move up our rankings of Rookie, Apprentice, Champion and Sifu.


We provide Issuers access to P2P Financing from RM1,000 to RM500,000.

Issuers may raise financing via Shariah-Compliant Financing.

Why become an Issuer (borrower)?

  1. Raise Funds from RM1,000 to RM500,000
  2. Shariah-Compliant Financing
  3. Free Personal Accident Insurance
  4. Free basic Debt Management and Accounting online video training

microLEAP Islamic:

Shariah-Compliant financing based on Commodity Murabahah (via Tawarruq arrangement)

microLEAP absorbs the Islamic Commodity Brokerage fees.

Late payment fees (Gharamah) goes to charity

Group Financing:

Digitising the Grameen Group Model, 5 Issuers can come in as a Group to improve their Credit Score

Our aim is to improve Financial Inclusion in Malaysia and we have targeted several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) along the way, namely No Poverty, Decent Work & Economic Growth and Reduced Inequalities. We hope to build a community of P2P Investors that are looking for Impact Investments into microenterprises looking for alternative financing. Come join us on our journey!

microLEAP is a licensed Registered Market Operator (RMO), and strictly regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

Here’s SC’s site-link to verify the licensed RMOs in Malaysia

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