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About Us

microLEAP is a proudly Malaysian fintech platform that focuses on the microfinance sector. Having complied with the strict guidelines set by our regulator, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), we are the first of the new batch of approved P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Financing operators to be given ‘Go-Live’ status in October 2019.

We provide Issuers (borrowers) access to microfinancing from as little as RM1,000 to RM50,000. Issuers may raise via Islamic or Conventional financing.

Funding is crowd-sourced via P2P financing and P2P Investors may start with as little as RM50.

microLEAP aims to be the number one P2P microfinancing platform in Malaysia, servicing micro-enterprises that may find it difficult to borrow via traditional banking means. It is our mission to increase the level of financial inclusion in Malaysia, which ties in well with the Securities Commission”s goals for financial inclusion and Bank Negara Malaysia”s financial inclusion framework.

Besides microfinancing, our value-added services include providing Issuers with microinsurance (Personal Accident), via our Insurance Partner, at zero cost to the Issuer. We also provide basic debt management training and basic accounting training at no extra cost to the Issuer.

As such, our P2P Investors will not only receive good returns, but they have the opportunity to bring about a positive social impact.

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